Sunday, November 9, 2008

Last blog post

To be frank, I have no idea or whatsoever how to start writing this blog. This is because this week’s blog post is somewhat different from the previous posts which have at least a theme or main topic to discuss about. (Not that I do not have writer’s block when I do the previous posts!) This week post is rather different and interesting as I have to write about my reflections on how I have changed throughout the course.

In fact, this is actually my first ever blog and before that, I have absolutely no idea how to set up a blog. Eventually, I learnt how to do it which was actually pretty easy! Flashback to the first day of class, I intrigued by why I took this course in the first place when the workload was unimaginably heavy! However, the subsequent classes changed my opinion of the course bit by bit and I was in fact looking forward to classes every week. As compared to the other modules, this module is one that is entirely different as it focuses on students’ interaction with each other and gone were the days where I would doze off when the tutor is writing solutions to tutorial questions on the whiteboard.

After reading through my first blog post again, I feel that my understanding of effective communication have changed greatly! Undeniably, those points that I have included in my blog were true, yet, they were only the verbal aspects of effective communication. There are, in fact, more to effective communication than just verbal aspects and they include writing minutes, agendas, resumes and job application letters. Similarly, I have gone through a mock interview and gave an oral presentation to an ‘authorized’ crowd. All in all, I feel that I have learnt a lot through this course and I will definitely apply these skills that I have attained whenever necessary!

Ultimately, I feel that I have become more open and ‘daring’ in voicing out my opinions and any ideas that I have. Moreover, I have also come to know the class better and built lasting friendships which is something that I can never have done in other tutorial classes. This is definitely an enriching experience that I have gained much from. Having gone through all my previous blog posts, I feel that my recent posts are showing a more personal touch when compared to the very first few posts that I have written!


xin yi said...

Hey Xiuwen!

HAHA. I remember before the first lesson of this class, we were whining to each other. Unspoken fear. But I guess what we did were unnecessary, because I think you agree with me about how much this class rocks!

Where can we learn SOOOO many things in such a short period of time? I don't think there are many modules like this. They are all invaluable skills that can be applied in school, or at work when we graduate in 2 years.

Oh and by the way, I think "the days where you would doze off when the tutor is writing solutions to tutorial questions on the whitebaord" are still around. Just that it doesn't apply to this class. HAHAHAHAHA.

Angeline said...

Hi my secret lover!

I will miss having someone wearing the same-color-clothes with me! And all the stripes and checkered! :p I believe you will have no problem communicating well with others because you are such a social person! And I agree how enriching this class is, all the things that we have learnt can be applied to our real life. They are knowledge that will not be thrown out of our memories! And of course, I cherish every new friend that I have made in this class! :)

Pei Rong said...

Hey Xiuwen,

Where can you find a module that requires you to write a blog?

this module is definitely one of most interesting and unique module in NUS! I would recommend this module to my friends, wouldn't you?

Yes, I could still remember the time when we were all hesitating whether to take this module or not. the funny thing is, the moment we knew that Brad is going to be our facilitator, we were like... This is because we often have this hidden fear for Caucasians. we will feel inferior when talking to them because their command of english is superb. we also have the misconception that Caucasians will "laugh" at our poor English. However, after meeting Brad, we are totally relieved. He is very encouraging and will never comment that you are wrong (even when what you say is crap)!

Love this class!!!

joyce said...

Hey Xiuwen!

I don't think I will ever forget the way you, Xin Yi, Pei Rong and Eileen always communicate non-verbally in class! Heehee.

I agree that this is one of the very few modules that focuses on students' interaction with one another. Angeline and I have taken another module that is on dynamic interpersonal relationships, and it is also learning based on interaction with people in the class. You might want to take that module some time!

We should have class lunch after the quiz on Friday!

Eileen said...

Hey Xiuwen!

I guess in this module you not only made great friends, you have also built telepathy with angeline by wearing same theme code everytime! Let's see what colour you two will be wearing on Fri. LOL

Tiffany said...

Hey Xiuwen!

Let me make a blind guess on what Eileen has said. My guess is Pink top and Grey jeans! or Grey jeans for that matter! *laughs*

I have to agree with XinYi that throughout this course, we have learnt so much in just 13 weeks and I have made a whole new bunch of cool friends!

You know honestly, I've been wanting to find out from you why the CBLC charges the same rate for printing double-sided. Is there a reason for it? I mean it saves paper and like what Weikin mentioned, the same amount of toner is used! haha. just a side-track.

Your vivacious character has indeed brought about more fun and laughter in class! Now i shall help Joyce to reinforce her advertising. Class Lunch on friday!

Xiuwen said...

Dear Xinyi!

Yep you are absolutely right! haha I am still dozing off in our other classes especially in lectures! I am sure you do too, in fact, that's our Pop groups forte, especially eileen!

It seems that you are a real fan of this module. Undeniably, I am too! It is comical to think back: on the first day, all of us in the Pop group are pretty afraid of this module due to the enormous workload that we saw listed on the website! However, it was thankful that we actually took this module as indeed, we have gained much from it. Cheers for that! =)

Xiuwen said...

Hi secret lover!!

Yep, I never knew that our chemistry is THAT good! I will miss that days where we wear the same-color-coded clothes without arranging beforehand. haha! That is really pure chemistry. =)

I believe all of us will leave the classroom with a whole class of new friends and also new knowledge about resumes, cover letters and the like which will undeniably help us with our job or internship-hunting in future.

All the best in finding your future job! =)

Xiuwen said...

Dear Pei Rong!

Yes! I will recommend this module to my friends as it is really beneficial and I would say that I have gained alot from this course itself. This is part of my university journey that I cherished and I will definitely keep the skils that I have acquired.

I guess partly my fear comes from my previous SS(Singapore Studies) module where my lecturer was a Caucasian. I was afraid to speak up as he was rather intimidating. Come to think of it now, it was rather comical! However, in Brad's class, it is always filled with warmth and fun. I really enjoy my time during his lessons. =) And, more likely or not, I guess you will miss it greatly too.

Xiuwen said...

Dear Joyce!

I think the module you are referring to is GEK1006: Dyanmics of Interpersonal skills right? Lol. Peirong, Eileen and I am taking this module as art gem this sem too! Such a coincidence. =) It is more of communication as a form of universal language and how to establish good relationships with your friends and those around you. ES2007S, on the other hand, is more of communicating professionally and undeniably on a personal level as well.

Haha! Perhaps we could try communicating non-verbally in class or outside someday. It would be fun to do that. =) And, it was great knowing you! I really enjoyed those times in class where we would laugh till our sides hurt. =P

Xiuwen said...

Dear Eileen,

So, it seems that I have attained the highest level of communication where no words are needed, only pure telepathy with Angeline to wear the same color-coded clothes!! =)

Xiuwen said...

Dear Tiffany!

Haha. Hmm lets see if my telepathic skills with Angeline still works on friday anot. =P

Well, I guess it still boils down the cost of the toner as to the cost of one sheet of paper. Optimally, we will want students to print double-sided as they can have a thinner set of notes and we will be able to save more papers in that sense. Hence, it really requires the co-operation from the students as well. =) Haha

All the best for the upcoming exams! =)

Angeline said...

That's very stressful, my secret lover! So many people are going to watch what we are going to wear!!! Hahaa. Let's pre-arrange, quietly... Shhh.... :p

Tiffany said...

Hey Xiuwen,

Thanks for that insight. So have you seen anyone printing single sided these days? Sometimes when I see some year ones printing ONE SLIDE PER PAGE and SINGLE SIDED, i get really really angry. But I can't go over and confront them because its not really any of my business.

So I think Brad made a good choice integrating the Green factor into our projects. It really makes all of us more aware of the kind of things that we are doing that will harm our environment.

Sammy said...

Hi XW,
"Every little efforts count", haha, exactly, that is how we went through this course, every little things we discussed and learn have added up to a big picture of communication, right?
It was a fun experience working with you, all the best for the coming exam.

Xiuwen said...

Yes secret lover!!

Use put telepathic skills! haha =) Remember that it will be THAT colour for the top and THAT colour for the bottom! =P

Xiuwen said...

Dear Tiffany!

Yes! I feel that Brad has done a good job in making all of us think more greenly. =) I believe that we will care more for the environment now after gaining more knowledge about them.

Sadly yes, there are still those who print single-sided. Well, I guess it takes time to spread the green idea to the students such that they will opt to print double-sided everytime. Have a little faith in them! =)

Xiuwen said...

Hey Sammy!

Yes! There! Every little effort counts! It seems that this phrase is essentially everywhere. =) I guess this phrase will be stucked to eileen's, yours and my head for a long long time! Lol. All the best for your upcoming exams.

Brad Blackstone said...

"What you say is crap!"

Ouch! In her comment to this post Pei Rong said that I would never say that, even if what you said was, in fact, crap, right?

Well quite honestly, I feel like I have been able to tell each of you when there was a problem with your use of verbs, or when your writing became verbose, or when your ideas were unintelligible. This was not, of course, because I'm Caucasian (as you guys apparently had speculated), but because I have wanted you to practice the 7Cs.

And you did!

It wasn't easy for any of us, but thanks to a super effort all the way around, much has been observed, analyzed, revisited, and like in this post, "dared."

Thank you, Xiu Wen, for your willingness to leave the comfort zone and try your best. Thanks for all your teamwork! Thanks for being a dynamic member of ES2007S!

All the best in your future!